When you select Milmonde, you’ll benefit from our many years of experience and innovation in kitchen and bathroom cabinet manufacturing. Whether it’s classic wood, high-quality veneer, an exotic wood or one of the new trendy materials, Milmonde stands out because of its originality and attention to detail.

After all, the kitchen is the heart of the home.

Our Team

An Exceptional Team

Milmonde is a team of passionate craftsmen in search of perfection. Our talented and experienced technicians, who specialize in the manufacture of kitchen and bathroom cabinets, offer you the very best.

Skilled Workers

You can count on the flawless expertise of our skilled workers - technicians, cabinet-makers, colourists, painters, operators and assemblers – for impeccable-quality products and unparalleled after-sales service.

Maximizing Performance

Our plant has over 50 production staff. To make the most of our 50,000 square feet and ensure that all employees work towards the Company’s objectives, Milmonde takes a lean manufacturing approach with the help of a specialized firm. Every workstation has been analyzed to optimize each worker’s duties, shorten production lead-times and improve product quality.

A dedicated and passionate team.

Our Facilities

A State-of-the-art Plant

Milmonde’s 50,000-square-foot plant has the very best equipment that is continually upgraded: machining centre (Rover); programmable edger; digitally controlled saws (Scheilling); automated, pressurized paint line; infrared oven; edge banders; etc.

Sophisticated Spray Booth

Our spray booth is equipped with a thermoreactor for impeccable finished product drying. With this ultramodern device, the finish - stains, lacquers and other finishes – is heated through molecular excitation which causes the coating to cure from the substrate out, drying pieces in 8 to 12 minutes, rather than in 2 or 3 hours in the open air. This sophisticated drying technique enables the Milmonde team to deliver an impeccable end product with optimum turnaround times. Guaranteed!

Flawless Quality

Each product is tested in the plant before being shipped. Three thousand pounds of pressure is applied to assembled products to ensure they are solid and perfectly square.

Perfect Packaging

We pay special attention to packaging to ensure safe, efficient transportation. Items both small and large are carefully packaged to eliminate the risk of damageduring shipping and handling.

Innovative equipment.

Our Partners

Working with the Best

We are committed to manufacturing top-quality products, which is why we select the best suppliers on the market that meet our performance and reliability criteria and manufacture parts that are crucial for meeting our objective: to provide you with excellence.

Milmonde, our passion infuses your life.