Kitchen design is a fascinating and anticipated aspect for any homeowner. We look forward to designing our own standout and decorated personal space. A beautiful and well-organized kitchen can give you just the right start for the day. It's also pleasing to walk into. But there are so many design ideas that it's easy to get yourself lost in.

Modern kitchens have tons of customizable features. Be it the material, texture, finish, or backdrop for the cabinets, countertops, or shelves. The perfect color and material combination is very important for the innovative and stylish look you’re searching for. So, what are some of the key design trends that you can incorporate in your kitchen in 2024?

Top Kitchen Design Trends in 2024

For the year 2024, the National Kitchen & Bath Association (NBKA) divided its yearly Design Trends study into two waves: Kitchen Trends and Bath Trends. The Kitchen Trends research offers a thorough analysis of important kitchen design elements to identify trends for the next three years. NBKA categorized these trends in terms of designs, colors, supplies, materials, and finishes. 

AtIn Milmonde, we’ve selected some of the top trends that are innovative, stylish, practical, and timeless. Let’s get started!

Gold-Metal Finishes

For a time, it looked like black-coated accessories may dominate but over half of those surveyed by the NKBA predicted that gold would be the most popular color for kitchen fixtures such as faucets, knobs, etc. More so than stainless steel or black. Matte, brushed, or glossy finishes are recommended over polished ones, presumably because they are better at hiding fingerprints and smudges! 

Gold finishes complement both light and dark colors. So regardless of your cabinetry and counters, they can be a timeless choice. In addition, if you're interested in sink trends, you should know that the stylish workstation kitchen sink, which often comes with a drying rack, cutting boards, and strainers, is rapidly gaining popularity.

Wooden Texture for Cabinetry

Now that painted cabinets are becoming less popular, everyone is jumping on the wooden bandwagon. As an NKBA member said, "Natural wood is a must in the kitchen to give warmth." The most popular wood species right now are white oak and walnut. But we're now starting to utilize alder since it stains well, has a beautiful grain pattern, and works well in both classic and modern settings. Unlike some other wood species, it feels lighter and less aged, and it has a neutral tone.

Mid-century, Scandinavian, modern, and contemporary cabinet designs will be in demand. Consider hardware-free flat panel designs with push-to-open features for quicker access.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz came out as the leading countertop material, preferred by an overwhelming 73 percent of respondents. Turns out, people simply can’t deny that dazzling white crystal charm. Not to mention the stone texture of Quartz is also quite pleasant. Quartz has an exceptional stain- and heat-resistant surface that is also quite easy to clean. Besides quartz, granite, marble, quartzite, and sintered stone are also popular and preferred by many.

While waterfall-style countertops have become popular over the years, traditional countertop edges like bullnose, rounded, or square will continue to rule as well. Countertop colors are often honed or matte and lighter than cabinet colors. Natural and artificial surfaces will both be in demand.

Need More Spotlights

Lighting is perhaps the most customizable and powerful element at your disposal. We know how layered lighting transforms the appearance of a room. And it can have a huge influence on the kitchen as well. Decorative, ambient, and evening lighting are among the additional lighting layers that designers are currently including in their designs. 

A designer and NKBA member stated “Layering is crucial and that lighting is the gem of your house. I adore using under-cabinet lighting, cove lighting, soft LED base lighting—especially around the island—and, depending on the design, perhaps wall sconces and something magnificent above the kitchen island.”

The goal here is to highlight different features of the kitchen in a more dynamic and catchy way. So the fine details of your kitchen, such as the border trims, metallic finishes, and textures catch the attention and receive the appreciation due. 

The choice of lighting nowadays is also greatly influenced by technology. To accommodate people's plans and lives, fixtures must now include features like voice activation, motion detection, and customization. 54% of people like the look of gold, brass, or copper fixture colors when it comes to lighting. Silver and black come in second and third.

Noise-free Appliances

Designers are now acutely aware of the noise levels that their equipment creates. For instance, when it comes to new dishwashers, over 65 percent of consumers choose ultra-quiet models. Similarly, over 41 percent choose normal pull-out receptacles over noisy trash compactors. People prefer the modern, hanging chimneys more because of their aesthetics and low-noise design. Nearly 44% of respondents concur that homeowners like this minimalist approach to hardware, indicating that soft push-to-open cabinet technology is still in demand.

Kitchen With Islands

Have you noticed that most modern and contemporary kitchens feature kitchen islands with stools? Although kitchen islands are not a new idea, they are becoming larger and more sophisticated as designers add extra seats, storage, electrical features, and areas for food preparation. About 56% of respondents said they planned to increase the size of an existing kitchen island, add features, or install one from scratch. 

Islands are becoming a design focus point with unique colored countertops and/or cabinets in addition to serving utilitarian purposes. Some even add beverage stations to the islands, making the kitchen a more commonly visited spot. 

Sustainable Designs

Many homeowners, responsible and concerned, are leaning towards sustainable designs. They’re prioritizing eco-friendly, long-lasting components, materials, and finishes. By using reusable and recyclable materials, you can rest assured knowing that your kitchen is not negatively impacting the ecosystem, especially since it’s a global issue now.


How your kitchen takes shape is entirely up to you. But by knowing the modern trends, you can fine-tune your design ideas and make your kitchen a truly enviable place. Remember, the comfort, safety, and functionality of the design are always more important than the aesthetic value.