Black Kitchen Cabinets: A Good Choice?

We’re pretty used to traditional grey, white, green, or beige cabinets. They carry a vintage charm and serve practical purposes. But why black?

Black kitchen cabinets easily synchronize with different natural components, chrome coatings, and individual kitchen color schemes. They add depth and a sharp contrast that simply stands out. Where grey or white cabinets may trigger monotony, black is much easier on the eyes. Look at our kitchens with black cabinets for ideas for your place and get ready to embrace your dark side.

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Advantages of Black Kitchen Cabinets

Since the kitchen is frequently the center of attention in a house, you want your family and visitors to feel as comfy as possible. Darker hues tend to soak up light and they constrict space. Let’s take a look at some of the stand-out reasons for adopting black kitchen cabinets.

  • Incorporates a more modern and trendy kitchen aesthetic.

  • A sharp contrast with the surroundings.

  • Adds depth and variety to your kitchen.

  • Goes very well with metallic surfaces, such as appliances, faucets, etc.

  • Looks good with layered, customized lighting.

  • Blends in and compliments other colors.

  • No discoloration or visible grime.

  • Always appears clean and well-maintained.

  • Reduced chances of stains.

  • Acts as a backdrop to highlight decorations.

Although it might not seem like a benefit, installing black kitchen cabinets can make your huge kitchen feel more welcoming for entertaining, cooking, and dining. Add polished brass fixtures to finish the ensemble for a more sophisticated appearance.

Black Kitchen Cabinet Tips

Without blowing your budget on a full kitchen makeover, painting your cabinets black is a simple way to update the space. For a contemporary design that complements bright surfaces, like the stone countertops in this kitchen, paint cabinets a matte black color. It’ll hide oil and grime. 

Glossy black cabinets may require more maintenance than matte cabinets. The glossy finish gives the cabinets an upscale appearance. It keeps the space looking incredibly chic, streamlined, and opulent while letting light bounce around.

Warm metallic finishes are more likely to stand out with black cabinetry. Use gold, silver, or brass finishes on handles and faucets to create more highlights. 

For appliances, stainless steel will compliment the color more. These silvery-white surfaces generate a clear contrast with black and highlight your kitchen in a very inviting way.