So, grey kitchen cabinets are becoming the new norm for all types of kitchens. Black cabinets are especially great for modern aesthetics. But what good are white kitchen cabinets? Do they still have their appeal in the 21st-century kitchens? The answer is, Yes!

With their rustic charm and timeless appearance, white kitchen cabinets are very much in the race. While grey is all-purpose and black creates contrast, white symbolizes elegance and sophistication. Give your kitchen a divine appearance with our White kitchen cabinet ideas!

Why White Kitchen Cabinets Are A Good Idea?

With a few coats of paint, white kitchen cabinets are a timeless option that will easily update your kitchen. Giving a neutral background, white kitchen cabinets may be left by themselves or polished up with hardware or ornamental accents. For a colorful kitchen, pair them with a vibrant backsplash. Here are a few inspirations for having a white kitchen cabinetry;

  • They look elegant and divine. Instantly brightens your mood.

  • Timeless classic. Goes very well with different kitchen setups, be it vintage or contemporary.

  • Compliments granite countertops or natural wooden textures. You can use standalone wooden shelves with different backdrops.

  • Black or stainless steel metallic surfaces also look good with these cabinets. White helps other colors create a strong contrast.

  • Brightens up your kitchen atmosphere. White surfaces uniformly reflect natural sunlight and reduce the dark, gloomy vibes in your kitchen. 

  • You’ll need fewer lights. When you use darker shades, they soak up light, prompting you to use layered lighting. But white surfaces brighten quickly and provide more uniform illumination with one or two bright lamps. Saves your energy bill.

Made up your mind yet? Get started with one of our stunning white kitchen cabinet designs or work together on a custom design with your personal touch, Contact us today!

White Kitchen Cabinet Tips

White cabinets are classy but can also be boring. However, with a few adjustments, you can further enhance their appearance and improve the overall aesthetics of your kitchen. Here are a few tips for the best results and easy maintenance with white cabinets.

  • Use contrasting shades like blue, green, or purple on the walls to avoid glare and monotony. 

  • Try adding trims and edges with dark shades to bring out a sharp look from the cabinets.

  • Putting a few decorations or flowers around the kitchen can bring out a more sophisticated appearance.

  • Granite or wooden countertops can create a pleasant contrast.

  • You can make your kitchen appear more dynamic with colored lighting. 

Another important aspect is choosing the best finish. White accumulates stain and grime much quicker. So it’s better to go with a finish like varnish or polyurethane that's easy to clean and protects your cabinets. Enamel painting is also very durable and creates a high-gloss, cleanable surface. Choose an alcohol-based cleaner to avoid scratches and damaging your cabinets.